​​YOI is a veteran owned Humanitarian and Disaster Response organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster response, and education resources to places around the world, especially to areas that are harder hit by extreme poverty. We help everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, age, or economic status. 

Our mission at YOI is to be on the front lines meeting the needs of those who find themselves battling daily food insecurities and fleeing emergency crisis situations. In the wake of a tragedy created by human hands or natural disaster, YOI plays a critical role in meeting the needs of an individual(s) fleeing violence, struggling for food, and surviving for life. 

Through our success over the last three years YOI has fed over 2 million individuals by reclaiming bread, local produce, and pantry items.  As well, YOI has delivered over 750,000 pounds of food and over a million dollars worth of bread products to its clients and neighboring pantries.  YOI signature mark in society is its role in providing 24-hour emergency support to local Police departments, Court systems (Federal or State), and organization that fight unacceptable humanitarian conditions.  We offer numerous programs directly addressing the needs of youth communities through our Jet Pack and Selah Bag programs.  Our other programs which include the Mobile Food Pantry, YOI Bread Bags & YOI Sandwiches reaches all ages in need. 

In addition to our Food For Life programs, we have attempted to fill the void that many young children experience when they do not have a strong or consistent male role model. In satisfying this concern, our Daddy & Little Me program seeks to foster relationships between fathers, father figures (any male guardianship) and their children.   

Our work at YOI is not only limited to the US borders! Our International outreach programs have linked us with Honduras and Ghana in an attempt to satisfy two unique countries that share similar needs for education of its communities. Our partnerships in Honduras and Ghana have allowed us to successfully help build schools and send supplies that provides a helping hand toward various day to day needs for the communities. In Ghana, we are currently building a new medical center to provide medical support to the communities dealing with aids, cholera, diphtheria, and humanitarian crimes (rape, human trafficking, genocide, and abuse).

As our organization continues to grow there will be many ways to get involved! Please continuously check out our "HOW TO HELP" page for updated information!