One of the fun ways that we love to bring together our communities of volunteers is by hosting events. Our Bread for Life program, Jet Packs and Selah's Bags each have a variety of contents that need to be pulled together into individual packages in order to be prepared for distribution. Hosting one of these events is a great activity for school associations to organize and grade school students can easily satisfy volunteer requirements. It can also be a wonderful opportunity for church youth groups to come together or you can host in your home to honor the spirit of giving!  

*Locations. This can be a home, school, church or small business.
*Man Power. Many hands make light work and the larger the force the greater the giving. 
*Transportation. We ask that you have a clean, pet free vehicle that may assist in the distribution of items.

Host an ​Event

How to


We are excited that you want to

get involved and aide in our efforts!

If you are unable to participate in pick ups or hosting an event you can still be involved! While we have been very blessed and we currently have access to a number of great resources, as our demand grows so does the increasing need for supplies. 

​You can always make a tax deductible monetary donation toward YOI. Every gift is greatly appreciated and every dollar goes directly to helping run the many programs at YOI.
​Please see the link below for safe and secure donations.   

Our organizations success is directly tied to the tireless dedication of our volunteers.

We have various volunteer opportunities with each of our programs

and are always looking to increase our volunteers list!

To learn more and get involved, please complete the inquiry form

on our Contact Us page and start your journey with YOI.

Our partnership with Panera Bread and their "Day-End Dough Nation" program, currently has our volunteers picking up bread 7 days a week from a minimum of 7 stores and a maximum of 10 on certain nights. Most locations close between 9:00 & 9:30 pm and it is preferred that the bread be picked up within 30 minutes to 1 hour of store closing.
All we ask is that you have a clean, pet free vehicle that can hold approximately 2 - 4 medium sized boxes and 2 - 4 large sized plastic bags of bread. Delivery details will vary per location and more details will be provided upon individual store assignments.