Yahweh Outreach International (YOI)

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Chris Thomas

Culinary Specialist
Maria A. Bothwell


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Maria holds a Bachelor's of Science in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research and a MBA from Virginia Tech as well as a certificate of cuisine from Le Cordon Bleu Paris. She spent her career serving clients as a management consultant with North Highland Consulting, Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, and E&Y Management Consulting. Her previous time on the board with United Way’s Women’s Leadership Counsel and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Light The Night Advisory Board has given Maria first hand experience on the front lines of providing services that benefit those in need. Maria currently serves as an Advisory Board member for Virginia Tech’s Industrial and Systems Engineering department, is an advisor for the Torgersen Leadership Summit and serves as the Executive Advisor for the Eastbury Development Group, LLC.

As a devoted wife and mother Maria has a loving heart that is displayed in her passion for giving back. Her passion leads her to aide in feeding the homeless and preparing hungry meals that are healthy and accessible. She regularly prepares and serves meals at Carpenter Shelter, Alexandria, VA. As the Culinary Specialist for Yahweh, Maria ensures the nutritional balance throughout the various food programs which serve our communities.

Vice President
Marcus Hewett

We offer our hands and hearts to help those who are less fortunate. We have come together linked by our distress that so many live in a world which fails to provide basic nourishment, access to everyday supplies and safe environments for thousands of families. Our aim is to increase awareness surrounding the negative impacts of homelessness and hunger that effect thousands worldwide in hopes to make a small difference.  Our staff is made up of caring professionals who are sharing their passions through various activities in our vulnerable communities. Our common goal continues to be sharing God's love with all his children regardless of their disadvantages. We work each and every day to satisfy the basic needs of His most vulnerable in a tireless effort to spread His love.

Marcus Hewitt pursued his Bachelor's degree in Occupational Health and Safety from National University and went on to complete his Master's Degree in Military Studies. His passion for service led him to serve our country with over 30 years of active duty. Today, he finds himself a retired veteran and currently works as an independent transportation consultant. 

As a father of two wonderful children, Marcus and his family experienced physical separations but held onto the importance of staying connected despite the challenges. Understanding the important bond between a father and his children, has led him to serve as a board member for Daddy and Little Me since 2010. Marcus believes that our connection to our children is the heart of what we do and understands that there is always time for dad's to connect with their children regardless of age.

​He shares: "I am truly honored to serve on the DLM Board assisting fathers in reaching out to their children regardless of distance." 

Chris Thomas was born in Washington, DC and raised in the City of Alexandria, VA. Chris is a graduate of T.C. Williams High School and went on to serve our country's armed forces.  After serving as a medic for the U.S. Navy and Marines, he went onto George Washington School of Medicine. Currently, he works to expand his non-profit organization and is a self employed trainer through Chris Thomas Fitness. 

​In addition to his passion for serving his community, Chris is a very active father and advocate for his three beautiful boys. He has built strong family values based on love and faith within his home and those values carry over into all aspects of his work.  

Chris lives by the bible verse found in 1 Corinthians 11:1 and has expressed, "I truly believe that God created man in his image to be strong leaders within his family. I follow Christ, so my children can follow me."

Lydia Pearl obtained a Bachelors degreee in Political Science from Trinity University. Her passion for serving others has given her a career spent in multiple grassroots organizations serving at risk communities. Her dedication to the underserved has been felt through many programs including but not limited to fair housing and eviction prevention, promotion of adult literacy and community advocacy. She has spent time with the Anansi Project, Project Tumera and Wesley Housing and has found herself settled within the Yahweh family.

Lydia's passion is not only limited to her service to her community but it is also seen in her love for her three beautiful children. Lydia's love for helping others is also a shared passion by her children. They embody the giving spirit of Yahweh and never turn down an opportunity to assist those in need.  

Executive Director of Operations
Lydia Pearl Monroe

Michael Parris holds an Associate Degree of Arts in General Studies from Montgomery College and a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Family Studies from the University of Maryland. His passion for youth and education has led him from being the director of a large aftercare program to the current director of the Hardknocks Basketball Association.  

In addition to overseeing the day to day operations of our programs, Michael is working to develop the youth fitness division of our organization in hopes of promoting healthy lifestyles and strong academics in the communities that we serve. 

As a father of four vibrant boys, the opportunity to take part in such a giving organization has allowed Michael to expose his children to the needs of the world and allow them to take part in making a difference. He shares that "Many hands make light work and the more we come together, the greater a difference we all can make." 

Executive Director of Programs
Michael A. Parris